Year of 2022

7 Discoveries of 2022

Name of Vessel Type                                                 Description

1.  Northern Lights                                                  Daggerboard scow schooner off of Galloo Island.

2. Large vessel                                                        Remains of a unknown vessel off Galloo Island.

3. Tug believed to be the Philip Becker                  Intact in deep waters off Oswego.

4. Schooner believed to be the Maggie Hunter     Totally intact with her mast still standing in deep                                                                                               waters off Oswego.

5. Schooner                                                              Remains of a unknown schooner in Mexico Bay.

6. Small old boat                                                       Located in deep waters of Keuka Lake.

7. Antique launch                                                       Located in deep waters of Keuka Lake.   

Many other targets in Keuka Lake have been found this year but not investigated at this time.