Keuka Lake


Hammondsport canal boat

This site is know as the Hammondsport canal boat. The wrack is in 95 feet to 100 feet of water and mostly intact with the exception of the bow. This 3-D photogrammetry work was done on November 16, 2023.

Tanglewood Canal Boat

Found by Keuka lake divers in July of 1955 this canal boat sits on a steep slope with the stern in 25 feet of water and the bow in 65 feet. The stern is collapsed with her rudder and sternposts still Standing.

Unidentified Wreck

Found by divers in the summer of 1955. A couple of small boats were found elsewhere and the divers moved them to this site and sank them to make the site more interesting to other divers. Unfortunately in the early years of diving people did not understand the importance of not altering a site that is historical such as this one. You can see the two small boats that are within this site.

Branch Port Scow in Keuka Lake

It was on November 12, 2023 at 10:00 p.m. when we finally finished up the sonar survey of Keuka Lake.  The temperature dropped to 28 degrees that evening with heavy frost complicating things but all the equipment worked fine and we were able to do some 3-D photogrammetry work on this earlier style canal boat known as the Branch Port Scow.

The survey work of Keula Lake was a two year project, We started in the beginning of 2022 and we completed the survey at the end of the season of 2023.  There were a number of targets located but not all have been explored at this point.  We hope to return in 2024 to verify what the other targets are.

Pile Driving Work Barge

We found this old pile driving barge in Keuka Lake on August 27, 2023. The target is 122 feet below the surface and it sets up right on the bottom with the bow slightly buried. Apparently one of Its flotation chambers/devices failed so it flipped over and sunk.



Two small boats

We found these small boats in Keuka Lake on May 6, 2023.  We returned to the lake on August 27, 2023 to produce the 3D photogrammetry of the site.



Antique Launch

This discovery came on December 1st of 2022.  We were doing a survey of Keuka Lake at the end of the season. This rare antique launch is remarkably intact. We returned on December 10th to do this photogrammetry work on the discovery. Her final resting place is on the bottom of the lake in deep waters.





Small Boat

We found this small boat on Dec. 1, 2022 while doing a survey of Keuka Lake. The boat was found in 167 feet of water.  On Dec. 10 we put the ROV down on it for the 3D image.


scan of a pile driving barge

scan of a pile driving barge

Pile Driver barge


scan of a canal boat

scan of a canal boat

Scan of the antique launch

Scan of the small boat

Scan of a canal boat

Scan of a canal boat

Scan of a canal boat

Scan of a canal boat

Scan of a canal boat

Scan of a unknown boat

These are just some of the targets we have found in Keuka lake. There have been some canal boats found as well as other targets that we still need to explore sometime next season when we have a chance to return to Keuka Lake.